Tis the season


Gift giving can be difficult especially when you have amazing people in you life! Does any one else just want to give their loved ones the world? I started my holiday shopping early this year (for once) and I thought I would pass on some of the holiday gift ideas! The whole Joydrop team pitched in to give me some fantastic ideas to help you speed through your shopping and find inspiration. This way you will have more time to take over the world, or drink hot chocolate while watching cheesy holiday movies on Netflix.

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For your best friend, the woman who has your back! She has seen good, bad, and even your ugly cry. Here are some ideas for your sidekick:

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Your Sister, for all the times you borrowed her jewelry and clothes, we are helping you find something just for her… for now.

Your Mom. This woman gave you life, the least you can do is get her a good gift. Am I right?

Daughter, for the strong women you have raised.

For the woman in your life who is going through something. You believe in her and want to show your support this holiday season:

For your significant other: We have your back when it comes to picking things for your Bae

Everyone has one person in their life who has everything. Here is what we have come up with for this person:

For your Daughter in law or the girlfriend;

For your Mother in law, Bae’s mom, or even Mother in law to be…

Stocking stuffers, these items are great for gift exchanges too:

We have more ideas in store!

Need more ideas? Come say hi at one of our three locations in Calgary! The stylists there will be able to help make your gift giving easier, they are like Santa’s elves but with much better style!

Katie Harder