Stampede Sophistication

We are coming up on the most energetic time of year in Calgary, The Stampede.  Joydrop has a few new Calgarians on our team which is a great reminder of how exciting stampede can be. As a born and raised Calgarian it is easy to forget that there is something magical about how effervescent Calgary becomes. I think we can all agree you can tell someone about Stampede but until you witness it, you don’t truly understand The Calgary Stampede. The city becomes electric for 10 days and there is so much fun to have!

One of the best parts of Stampede is the chance to show off your stampede style. Of course, there are the staples, boots and denim, but the fun comes from elevating the traditional cowgirl style to really show case how fashionable Calgary can be. The Calgary Stampede has been around over a hundred years but that does not mean that you have to wear the same typical stampede look. Here are a few of our favourite looks to show how we do stampede sophistication. 


We have been planning our Stampede outfits since June and we are ready to match the cities energy through style. It is all about the accessories in my opinion, but I may be biased. 

How are you planning to show off you stampede sophistication? Show us you stampede style by tagging Joydrop and using the hashtag #stampedestyle 

We have more stampede style tips and tricks to come so stay tuned!

The Models are wearing:
Picture 1 -Kelauren in red Jacket: Havana Tassel Earring , Gorjana Ring, Satya Ring, Katula Kiss Groovin Bracelet, Elisza and ella Bracelet
Picture 2 - Julia in white dress: Joydrop tassel Bracelet, Love Heals Necklaces
Picture 3 - Julia denim romper: Joydrop Hailey Gerrits exclusive necklace and earrings Kelauren in sundress: Love heals necklace and earrings
Picture 4 - Kelauren in black shirt: love heals necklace, Ayala Barr earrings, Pyrrah necklace
Picture 5 - Julia denim dress: Quay Sunglasses, Satya ring, Eliasz and ella bracelets, Katula Kiss Beach riot Bracelet, Kutula Kiss Flash Mix Bracelet,Mimi + marge necklace, Joydrop pinnapple necklace, Gorjana turquoise ring 



Katie HarderStampede