Denim Done Right!


Denim and stampede go together like peanut butter and bread. You could have the bread without the peanut butter, but it is so much better with it!

There are so many ways to wear denim at the stampede. We have chosen a few looks to inspire your Canadian tuxedo:

Jeans and a shirt. This classic combo is a great way to show off your favourite cowboy boots. Layered necklaces add dimension to the look and you can use many small delicate pieces to compliment your statement piece. Try to add some volume with a statement necklace or two and why not have fun with colour as well!

A traditional stone used for stampede. This stone is often a representation of water and adds some cool tones to your look. This pairs beautifully with neutral tones such as nude and white. Mix it up this year by pairing the cool tone of turquoise with a warm gold. 

Going full Canadian tuxedo with your denim? Turquoise and brass is a great way to add subtle but impactful glam to your outfit.


Feeling adventurous? Denim and a colourful leather can really be a show stopper! Keep your accessories light with this look as denim and leather are both heavy fabrics.
Bracelet stacks are another amazing way to accessorize your stampede style. This is an easy way to add a tassel to your look too.

How are you planning on doing your denim this year at the Calgary Stampede! Tag us in your pictures to show us how you do your stampede style! 

The Models are wearing:

Picture 1 - Julia denim romper: Joydrop Hailey Gerrits exclusive necklace and earrings
Picture 2 -5 - Julia in black pants and white shirts - Love Heals Necklaces, Hailey Gerrits exclusive earrings, Chara bracelet, Satya ring, Gorjana Ring
Picture 6 & 7 - Julia denim romper: Joydrop Hailey Gerrits exclusive necklace and earrings
Picture 8 & 9 -Kelauren in red Jacket: Havana Tassel Earring , Gorjana Ring, Satya Ring, Katula Kiss Groovin Bracelet, Elisza and ella Bracelet, Gorjana Necklace, La Vie Parisienne Crystal rope necklace

Katie Harder