Road Trippin'


With the long weekend upon us and we have put together a few road tripping tips! Whether you are hitting the open road or taking a flight, these tricks are handy to have.

My secret to road tripping is actually to wear a comfy dress on the road. This is not everyone’s cup of tea, but summer can get hot and there are some amazingly comfy sundresses that look great and travel even better. Not into dresses? That's okay, because you can keep it styling with wide legged pants. Add in your favourite long necklace so your road trip pics are Instagram ready.


One small bag and one very small bag.

A wise woman once told me that if it doesn’t fit in a carry on, it's not coming. Learning to travel light has been a savior for my back and my budget (no bag charges for me!). I use one small purse when I travel. This purse fits into my carry-on bag, so if I am moving around a lot I won’t lose my purse. Simplifying is so important when travelling because then there is only one bag to worry about. As an accessories girl, the biggest bonus is that most of my favourite things do not take up a lot of space, and there is no sacrifice on how many accessories I can bring.

Roll yo’ clothes

This wise woman also taught me to roll my clothes when I pack. This keeps them mostly wrinkle free and saves a ton of space. Shoes are also wasted space, pack socks in your shoes, so no space is left unpacked. Besides, saving baggage room means that you will have more room for your giant unicorn floaty!


Protect your jewels!

Dust bags are helpful in taking your favourite things on the road!  If you don’t have enough of them or know you are going somewhere humid, we have a back up plan for you!
Ziplock bags are deffs your friend when it comes to taking your jewels on the road. Zip lock bags actually prevent oxidization! Oxidization or tarnish is when your chains turn a darker colour than it originally started.
Ziplock bags and dust bags also work great for preventing necklaces from tangling. Put the necklace in the bag, but keep the clasp of the necklace out of the bag leaving a tail. Then you can spend your summer sunning instead of untangling!
Whoa whoa whoa, still stuck on the tarnish thing? Don’t worry it happens to everyone! We have a pen that we love to use to clean our precious pieces. It is like a tide to go for your jewelry. Don't believe me? Come into the store and ask our team their tricks and tips for how to restore your well-loved jewelry!


Wherever you travel to this summer, we hope you travel in style!


The models are wearing: 

 Jovana in sundress: Quay - Sahara sunglasses, Chara climber earring, Chara Teardrop Necklace, La Vie Parisienne Crystal Rope BraceletLa Vie Parisienne Crystal Bracelet, La Vie Parisienne Crystal large stone Bracelet, Gorjana rings, Tai Rings, Havana earring

Jade in Blue wide leg pants and blue lace top: Love heals necklace  Quay - Heartbreaker , Chara Large Tear Drop Necklace, Chara Open Front Multi Stone Ring, Elizsa and Ella bracelets, co lab bag, Joydrop scarf

Hair and Makeup: Richelle Dawn Makeup