Luxe Night


A good restful night is the best, but it can really do an number on your hair and face. Forget about a rough night sleep and what all that tossing and turning does to a your luscious locks. Scroll through for more on great tips and tricks to keep your hair looking fab.

We have put together a list of self care favorites so your “woke up like this” selfie can include great hair!

Now wash it out!

We have two options for your cleansing routine Micro fiber Headband and scrunchies are here to keep your night routine in line whether you have 1 step or 10 steps!

Now that your hair is tied back, we have brought Microfiber Makeup Removing Towels to the self care party. Take off the day while keeping your face feeling fresh .

Whether you are a before bed or wake up and shower kind of gal we have got you covered. On the days you don’t need to wash your mane we picked out the most luxurious shower caps for you! These are both cute and extremely functional.


Now that your night routine is complete, time to pull back your hair and get to work counting sheep! These silk beauties won't crimp or agitate your strands while you sleep, allowing you to wake up frizz free and ready to take on the day!

Hello darkness my old friend… after all the serums and creams the last thing you need is something to mess with the delicate skin near your eyes! These chic eye masks are made to care for your skin.

The bad hair boogie man and skin damaging sandman are banished with this silk pillow. Anti-aging, and hydration are the only things accompanying you to dreamland.

Have a luxe night sleeping beauties!

Katie Harder