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Leah Alexandra

Leah Alexandra is a Vancouver based designer. Each and every gem is carefully selected to ensure the best composition of color, cut and clarity. To highlight their individuality, gems are set and paired with 14 karat gold fill, 14 karat gold or rose gold vermeil, and sterling silver. These pieces are versatile and timeless. 

Strand Lariat Necklace Strand Lariat Necklace
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Strand Lariat Necklace


Star Moon Locket Necklace Star Moon Locket Necklace
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Star Moon Locket Necklace


Sirine Necklace Sirine Necklace
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Sirine Necklace


Rive Necklace Rive Necklace
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Rive Necklace


Isabel Necklace Isabel Necklace
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Isabel Necklace


Coquille Necklace Coquille Necklace
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Coquille Necklace


Cleo Necklace Cleo Necklace
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Cleo Necklace

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